I decided to walk towards Wan Chai from Central as it wasn’t too much of a distance.  My plan was to do Old Wan Chai’s forgotten streets, which was recommended in my guide book, taking me along Queen Road East.

First to see was the Ghost House.  This had come up on the Sassy Hong Kong website too as places of interest.  It’s story is an unhappy one, though. It’s a house that was used by Japanese soldiers as a brothel, housing ‘comfort women’ in WWII.  Sadly, when I eventually found the road, it was boarded up with construction work going on.  I was having a bit of failure with some of my buildings today.

Next stop was just along the road; Hung Shing Temple, which was apparently a seaside shrine.  It’s built on top of boulders  and is small and dark inside.  It was erected in honour of a deified Tang dynasty official who was known for his virtue and ability to make predictions of great value to traders.


Just along the road was Spring Garden Lane which was one of the first areas developed by the British and prostitutes would sell their wares along here.  I imagine this is the area that the 1960’s film The World of Suzie Wong was set.  The love story of a beautiful prostitute in Hong Kong and an American architect/aspiring artist.  A grittier version of Pretty Woman 😉

The road beside it is Lee Tung Avenue and this looked like it was a road under renovation with lots of smart shops opening and definitely a lot less shabbier than Spring Garden Lane.


My day of exploring was done. There was enough time to dash back to the house to get changed and then to catch the tram back into Central to meet after J after she had finished work.  Because I was now travelling in rush hour the tram was packed.  So different from my leisurely rides earlier in the day.

I had an hour to kill so found a bar along Hennessy Road to have a glass of wine and read for a bit.  I chatted to an American guy who was beside me at the bar about wheat.  His business was beer and luckily for him, I had just watched a documentary by Michael Pollan (everything he says makes sense) and I was suddenly very knowledgable about fermenting.  The stuff I pick up 😉

J arrived and she led me through the markets, to a fantastic Thai restaurant, which was up a flight of stairs.  It was quiet inside, but then it was a Wednesday night.  I told J to choose dinner as my lunch had been such a beige, bland failure, and I wasn’t disappointed.

image  It’s not the best of pictures, but from the left was a vegetable called Morning Glory. (Stop sniggering at the back). Then, my choice, vegetable spring rolls; some kind of thai salad and Pad Thai.  Oh..My..Goodness…. Seriously nice.  Quite spicy, but not too much.  I think we chose well.  They originally gave us a spoon and fork, but I requested chopsticks; for one thing it slows me down and I am such a gannet!

And so endeth my day off.  I was pretty tired and ready to go and get a full nights sleep, before being back on it the next day.  I think my next day off shall be a slightly slower pace.  I have had recommendations of a beauty spa, so a pampering day calls 🙂



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  1. Ellie Cain

    Wow, you had a great day off! It’s such a beautiful place, I’d have wanted to have a good look around too. Next time you can pamper xx

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