This is a meant to be a bit of light humour, to be honest, as not everyone can afford to travel first class, let alone private jet, with a small baby/children on tow.  I often think of the other passengers, travelling first class or business class, who have paid money in the hope that there are no babies on their flight and that they can get a good rest.  Because of this, I do tend to take myself away with the baby as much as possible (if they’re crying) or if they decide they want to be awake whilst everyone is sleeping.  Which happens a lot 😉  Luckily, there are lots of noise cancelling headphones out there.

I travelled with a lovely mother and and her baby once, and we flew from Toronto to LA, LA to Sydney, Sydney to Hawaii, and then in reverse.  I was quite experienced by this point and I can remember one memorable time, of walking the length of the plane, from First Class, all the way to the back of the plane in Economy.  Several times; during a night flight when he refused to sleep.

I do think flying with a baby is easier than a toddler who doesn’t want to sit still.  Older children will happily binge watch cartoons and movies.  A toddler will get bored pretty quickly (and why not?) and will want to move around.  This is all fine if you are on a private jet, I have observed.  (Once did 7 hour private jet flight from Verbier to Dubai… That’s a loooog old journey).


Very much enjoying the private jet experience

The day started at 5:30am, aiming to get the airport for 7:30am.  One of the best things to use, in my opinion, is a baby carrier.  There are so many types out there and they all pretty much do the same thing.  We used a Baby Bjorn and it’s so much easier being hands free 🙂

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed…

Both flights were with Cathay Pacific and I have now experenced  Premium Economy and Business Class and they are equally pleasant.  We stopped for a quick breakfast in the Lounge and then it was time to board.


It wasn’t long before we were up in the sky and I was saying “au revoir” to Hong Kong as we made a sweep past the island before heading up over China.

So long, HK...

So long, HK…

So, we were in Business Class and it didn’t actually seem that different to First Class.  (I scampered through with a yelling baby, to use their toilets to change a nappy, as Business was occupied).  The seats were able to lie flat, so the Small One was able to stretch out kick. And the fact that she could do that made the journey (12 hours of it) a hell of a lot more bearable!  12 hours broken up for a baby is four lots of feeds and four lots of sleeps (hopefully) with a plan of lots of awake time once we had reached London.  Our arrival time in London was bedtime in HK.  Luckily, L pretty much did what she was meant to do and I was able to watch Jurassic World over two sleeps.


Getting snuggly…

The crew were brilliant.  Asking if I wanted to wait for my dinner whilst I was sorting out feeding; washing a couple of bottles 8 hours in; helping me navigate around a sleeping baby with the seat belt once we hit turbulance.  Couldn’t praise them enough.


Finally, London was in our sights.  We had less than an hour left. We flew into London from the east and I looked down on the straight, orderly rows of fields and houses, that I hadn’t seen for over four months.  It felt good to be back.  I love to travel with my work (although, after the results today (friday) I’m not so sure how easily I shall be able to travel and do my job in the future…) but it’s so lovely to come home.  24 weeks of work is a long old time.

And now, I’m on the cusp of seeing my favourite people.  I know some MN’s who count down the days until they finish their booking. I cross off the days in my diary.  But with this job, 6 months was such a long time that I never thought about home, or was counting the days.

Now, I have less than a month till I finish and I feel a little bit twitchy as it’s so close.  I can almost taste the Cornish air.  I’m coming home….

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  1. Roger

    Dear Nikki
    It’s Roger here your violin teacher.
    It is lovely to have come across your excellent site .
    I often wonder how you are .
    You are obviously very happy living in Cornwall and I send you my warmest regards to you and your family .

    1. nikki

      Hello Roger, thank you for leaving me a message and thank you for your kind words. Am just on my way back from Venice; it never stops!
      Best wishes

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