One of the many lovely things about this job (besides playing with other peoples babies and then handing them back) is that sometimes I  might be fortunate enough to join a family on their holiday.

I have been invited to many different places with families; Tuscany, Val D’Isere, Maldives, Italy.  This time it was Phuket, Thailand.  It’s my first time over this part of the world and I was eager to see what Thailand was like, albeit from the inside of a smart villa complex.


My first view…

I will just say, that I am still working.  It’s not a holiday for me.  If peoples definition of a holiday involves looking after someone elses baby, not exploring the area and being in bed by 8:30pm every night, then that’s fine.  😉 Oh, I still get my breaks and but I have also sacrificed my day off this week.

We are staying in Trisara and I have to say, it’s pretty special.  Our villa has 5 rooms and I am tucked away on the upper floor in my spacious bedroom that I share with the small one.  She is sleeping through now, from 6:30pm – 6:00 ish most mornings, so my roomie isn’t too much of a bother 😉


I can see the sea!

I took a walk around the complex on my first mornings break and was very happy to find a private beach and a long outdoor pool.


Pool with a view…


And warm seas…

I had a chat with one of the staff about swimming in the sea (it was lovely and warm) and he was quite adamant about not going in.  It was a windy day, to be fair, and I wasn’t actually going to go and swim in a place that I didn’t know.  I did explain to him that these kind of waves were pretty normal in Cornwall.  But he basically said that no-one swam in the sea.  I think it’s more of a sunbathing and swimming in the pool kind of place.  Shame.


We are, unfortunately, visiting in the rainy season so the days haven’t always been like this. It’s been pretty stormy at times and we have a perfect spot to watch the storms roll in, but I can’t complain and Thailand is still beautiful even in the rain.

And so we leave tomorrow.  This is our last day here and even though we have had more rainy days than sunny days it’s been quite the experience.  First class thai food from our own personal chef every day and the ladies that work in the villa have been wonderful to me.  We discuss babies and I explain to them the guidelines we have in the UK with babies, and they tell me what they do with their babies. All very fascinating.

I would love to come back here and visit the country properly, perhaps not in the rainy season though….




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  1. Rio Speedvargon

    On the bucket list and looks beautiful.

    1. nikki

      It really is; I recommend it …

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