After we left the tea house, the next plan was to go to Stanley, which is a small town situated along the long coastline.  With a market and beaches, it sounded a perfect afternoon.

The bus was our mode of transport, leaving Central and weaving through Wan Chai, past Repulse Bay (must visit properly sometime) and finally ending up in Stanley.


My first view….

We disembarked from the bus and rode on the escalator down and down until we came out just beside Murray House.  Built in 1846 as officer’s quarters, it took pride of place in Central, on the spot where the Bank of China now stands.  It was there for almost 150 years until 1982 when it was re-erected to Stanley, stone by stone.  These days it houses a number of restaurants and shops.


The pier at the end…

We then wandered along the, distinctly British, promenade, passing  The Smugglers Inn with offers of Guinness and cider.  The closest thing to an English pub in Hong Kong.  We made our way to the end of Stanley Market and meandered through, looking at the souvenirs, bric-a-brac and art.  Because it was mid-week, it was not too busy, but I can imagine on the weekends that it’s bursting at the seams.

After sampling a local beer and enjoying the rare bit of sunshine the next plan was to make our way back to Wan Chai for dinner and a bit of music.


More good food…

We went to a place called American Restaurant, which basically had food that you would find if you went to a Chinese restaurant in the UK or the like.  Peking duck, chilli squid, sticky rice etc.  You’re much more likely to find westoners here.  All very tasty though; ate too much as usual.

And then our last port of call, after an extremely busy day, was to a bar that played live music every night. A small, dark bar.  With pictures of old Hong Kong and film posters on the wall (The World of Suzie Wong was up there).


Music at the Wanch

This guy was sooo good.  There was only us for a while so he asked for requests and did a fantastic version of More than Words.  Just perfect.  We only stayed for a short time, but long enough to appreciate the good music and drink a couple of bottled beers.  I have a feeling I shall be back….


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