So, I’m heading back to work again.  Imminently.  Next baby was due on the 8th June; I was booked from the 14th June (as a friend had told her “first babies always come late“) and now, I’m in the process of getting ready as mum is starting to dilate and we think it shall be all systems go from Friday.

I actually have a fair amount on over the next few days.  I stayed at a friends on Dartmoor last night;  on Friday there is a possibility of driving over to Devon for a family festival for the night.  I’m then heading to Calstock for the annual Safari Dinner with a couple of mates.  And then I drive up to London, if all goes well with the birth.

So, as you can imagine, my head is trying to pack for festival (casual + camping) , safari dinner (posh) and work (neat, clean and work information) … plus we have Airbnb staying the same weekend.  There’s a lot on.

I have been trying over these last few months to make my toiletries a little more reusable and kinder to the environment, and thought I’d divulge a few of the things I do to help me be this way within my travelling lifestyle.

First thing, I always have steel straws in my bag, so that we can say “no to straws”


I also always have my own spork with me, so that I have no need for throw away ones.


Last year I bought myself a bamboo toothbrush and I absolutely love it.  You do have to work that little bit harder, but I’ve always looked after my teeth, plus have a fairly low sugar lifestyle.   So far, so good.


I then bought, at the beginning of the year, a bamboo toothbrush holder for my travels which I LOVE.


Lush has very nicely let me try out 3 different types of teeth cleaners, instead of toothpaste.  I’ve tried the powder and and one of the tablets and both seem to be good.  The great thing with Lush is that you can take back your pots and they re-use them.


I have a bamboo soap holder too, which holds organic soap, so no plastic packaging there.


I always have my Keepcup with me, for the many, many lattes I drink whilst I’m at work.  This one is Mark 2 as I sadly smashed Mark 1 last September.


And then last, but not least, I have a refillable steel bottle to fill with water for when I’m out and about with the babies.


Just a few things that make me feel that I’m doing my bit.  I would be interested to hear if anyone else has anything I can add to my collection 🙂

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