Wednesday dawned and it was, amazingly, sunny!  We had had such a mad rainstorm the day before.  Code Red, which meant that some schools were closed.  My activity for my day off had been pre planned with J, but we kept changing it due to weather.  Finally on Tueday night it had been agreed.  We were going to Cheung Chau, one of the Outlying Islands.  I had made plans to meet a fellow MN, who is working up the road from me, for breakfast.  She is looking after twins and I wasn’t overly surprised to get a message from her, requesting a raincheck as her night had been busy.  So breakfast at the house.  I wasn’t meeting J until later, so I had time to kill.  I then had a message from the mum, en route to Bebegarten, saying that today was a perfect Ocean Park day.  I had an annual pass and had wanted to do the cable car, as the views were apparently amazing.  So, a quick rearrangemnet and then I had caught a taxi to Ocean Park.

Ocean Park is a theme park and is constantly expanding with new rides.  It also has four giant pandas – gifts from the mainland.  The park is divided into two main sections.  The main entrance is on the Waterfront (lowland) and is linked to the main section on the Summit via a scenic cable car.

We had been to Ocean Park back when I first arrived, when it was also much cooler.  The toddler was too young for a lot of the rides so we went to the newest attraction which was the Grand Aquarium and is home to 5000 fish (400 species).  And then we also wandered down to join the queue to gawp at the pandas.  One was out and eating bamboo.  The others were tucked away in their dens, but without any privacy.  Cameras in their dens meant we could watch their every move, poor things.  They also had the most treasured monkey in Asia. I don’t know what breed it was, but it had a blue face and orange fur.  He wasn’t bothered by the lines of people and quite happily stared at everyone and then proceeded to have sex with his mate, much to the delight and amusement of the crowd.


Cable car for one


All by myself

So I turned up, just before opening time, and made my way to the cable car, once it opened.  They are quite small cable cars.  I was expecting something more along the lines of the ones you go in when you go skiing.  I could now understand the hesitancy from the mum about going in with two small children.  Rather nicely, I had it all to myself, so I was able to move myself into the best vantage points to enjoy the view.  And seriously, what a view.  I never appreciated how many small islands there ae dotted about Hong Kong Island.  Sometimes, due to the air pollution, you rarely see them.  Today was a perfect day for it.  Little or no pollution and blue skies.  Slightly hazy, but you can’t have everything.  As we rose up higher and higher, I could see Ocean Park spread before me and then off to my right was Deep Water Bay.  I took so many pictures, but they’re never as good as you think at the time, so I give you my best two 🙂


Deep Water Bay


A panormamic from the Summit

The other thing I didn’t appreciate was how much green there is.  You get caught up with high rise blocks and it does give you an impression of just an island covered with buildings, but there is so much more.  The journey took about 15/20 mins and I jumped off the otherside, took a picture of the view and then caught a cable car for the journey back. Definitely worth it, but it really does need to be a high visability day.  I was done and in the taxi heading towards Kennedy Town to start part two of my day.

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