Once I got back to Central train station, after a quick drop off and change to warmer clothes at the house, I followed signs that pointed me towards the waterfront and all ferries.  I needed the Star Ferry which would take me across to Kowloon.  They go every 6-12 minutes so there was no need to rush.


These ferries are a fleet of electric-diesel vessels with names like Morning Star and Twinkling Star.

A lovely friend of mine had told me that she was actually born on the ferry back in the 50’s. Her father was a British Naval Officer posted to Hong Kong.  Her mother, at the time, was en route to the British Military Hospital across the water in Kowloon, when she went into labour on the ferry. Luckily there was a nurse on board. The journey took much longer back then when the Victoria Harbour was wider, otherwise it would’ve been a very quick birth!

Sadly, my view of the Tsim Sha Tsui was shrowded in mist and low lying cloud.


At night, all the buildings are lit up with their own personal light show, so I had high hopes that that would come through the cloud, on my return.

The journey to Kowloon took about 10 minutes and I disembarked on the other side along with the other passengers.  My destination was the Temple Street Night Market.


The entrance

This is a market that is at its best from 7pm.  I wasn’t on the hunt for any bargains, like watches or jade jewellery, it was more just to see what they had, so I could venture back at some later stage.  And also to have some dinner at one of the alfresco diners.

There are many stalls lining the street, which went on and on.  I don’t think I got to the end, but along the way I admired beautiful Chinese robes, jewellery, plastic tat and watches.  This is a place for haggling  as the marked prices are merely a suggestion.

On my way through, I had passed a seafood restaurant, where people were sitting outside eating noodles and rice, with fish and shrimps sitting in tanks, waiting to be served up on dishes for customers.  It had seemed pretty busy with a high turnover of all nationalities, so, as I wandered back, I decided to risk it and ask for a table for one.image


I was placed at the back and a menu was presented to me.  It turns out that it wasn’t  just fish, they had a whole range of interesting foods.  I decided to stick to something that was safe, as who knows…image

I ordered the squid fried in salt and pepper, with fried noodles.  I had seen someone else eating the noodles and it looked delish.

Easily enough for two and extremely tasty.  I was happy with my choice.  The most enormous bottle of beer completed my dinner and I walked out of there satisfied and glad that I had a long walk back, past all the designer shops that lined Nathan Street.


Crossing back over

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