After a long 10 hour plus flight (that I managed to upgrade) I finally arrrived at Hong Kong airport.  I had instructions from the mum (who was still in hospital) to either get a taxi straight to their address, or train to the centre and then taxi the rest of the way.  And because I’m up for an adventure I chose the latter.


You are here….

Can’t be too tricky, thinks I, and no it wasn’t.  It also meant that I was able to get in a bit of an idea of where I shall be living for the next few months. My first impressions were sadly swathed in dense fog/air pollution.  We had arrived to unseasonably cool weather and rain but that didn’t dampen the spirit. High rise blocks and dense vegetation were two things that stood out.  And a lot of traffic, be it on the sea or on the roads.  But I woke up the next day to a clear sky and sunshine!


I’m staying in an area called Pok Fu Lam and the island is called Lamma Island. Yesterday was a day of adjustment and getting to know the baby, who came home later, and then an uneventful night in which a 5 day old baby did all I would expect her to do. This morning I was able to hand over to have my three hour break.  And the first thing on my mind was coffee.  Over the years, I have unfortuntely become a bit of a coffee snob and granules just don’t make the cut.  The parents had told me about a coffee shop in the next town along, so a walk to Kennedy Town was my plan, in search of good coffee. And I found it! In the shape of Pacific Coffee Company.  Bliss!


Yes, it’s another picture of a latte

I’m not sure, but I think I took someone else’s coffee as it was pretty busy, but was able to find a seat and read up on some of the festivals that shall be going on whilst I’m here.  Villain Exorcising in March sounds pretty interesting and so does the Hungry Ghost Festival, but that’s in August and I should be long gone by then.  Rather nicely, along with me, Buddha has his birthday in May, so I shall plan an adventure to see Tian Tan Buddha, where the worlds biggest Buddha lords over the hills.

After a wander to the waterfront, I decided to walk back up the hill.  The parents have loaned me an Octopus Card, which is a bit like an Oyster card (London dwellers will know about these) but is treated more like a debit card, so along with purchasing your bus jouney, you can buy yourself a coffee and food, as long as there is enough credit.

This banyan tree was along my journey back.


I remember seeing them when I worked briefly in Hawaii and they are quite fantastic.

And now, back to work.  My official day off is a week on Monday, so I have plenty of time to sort out my adventures by then. 🙂

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