I joined a gym yesterday (Wednesday).  It’s down in Kennedy Town and is one of those 24hour ones.  We have an outside gym in the house that I am staying in, but it’s getting too hot and humid now; plus the rainy season is starting.  Also, the mosquitos are out in force and they kinda like me. 😉 imageSo, I joined the gym and spent a happy couple of hours there on the morning of my day off.  I haven’t taken a day off work in nearly 20 years for illness and I do think it’s because I exercise and I don’t eat rubbish.  (Hope this doesn’t come back and bite me on the bum!). Before I came to Hong Kong I was going down the “sugar free” route ie eating no processed foods, but it’s very difficult maintain over here, plus I want to enjoy what HK has to offer me. This job can really take it’s toll.  It’s really nothing like being a parent because (ideally) your child shall be sleeping through by at least 4 months, so your sleep patterns get back on track (unless you go down the multiple siblings route).  Poor old MN’s, we go back to square one, time and time again.  imageBack to waking 2-4 times in the night.  Maybe more.  And then when we get the babies to the all hallowed “through the night” we leave.  Hopefully to rest for a few weeks, before it starts all over again.  Some MN’s do back to back bookings, which I could never do.  I need my rest.  I’ve started to include strength training in my workout.  At the end of the day, it’s a physical job of lifting babies, and they get heavier and heavier.  My present one is a 12 pounder 😉 imageSo, I’m back on the pull-ups again.  And feeling much better for it.  Food plays a big part, too.  There are some MN’s who snack during the night; biscuits, sweets and chocolate.  I personally think this is not a good idea.  For one thing the sugary so called “treats” will only give you a sugar rush, so you can’t go back to sleep and then you get the crash later on.  Caffeine is my only vice (and I love a glass of wine, when it’s my day off) but I steer clear of sweet things.  Porridge or eggs in the morning, simple lunches and protein and veg in the evening.  No eating after 8pm.  There are times that I do get hungry in the middle of the night, but I down a glass of water and ignore it until 7am when I eat a good breakfast.  These are my rules and things, I believe, that make me fit and healthy to work.  I plan on doing this job for a long while and have no interest in developing type 2 diabetes or having back and shoulder problems.

Anyway, next came the fun part.  I spent the afternoon on Lamma island, which I shall write about later, but then finally managed to get to Happy Valley Racecourse (great name, huh?) to watch the racing with Jasmine.

imageThe first horse races were held here in 1864 by European merchants who imported the horses from Mongolia, which they rode themselves.  These days the meetings are held both here and also at the newer Sha Tin Racecourse which is in the New Territories.  Wednesday night is Happy Wednesday and the stands and the trackside are packed.  Once we arrived, a drink and dinner were the most pressing matters.  Along trackside were multiple stands selling varieties of beer and food.  We purchased our food and took a seat.

And they're off!

And they’re off!

I gave J my top tip of betting on horses that either have a name that stands out or the jockey is wearing nice colours. And also to bet on the horse come in the first three places. Hey, it works for me.  We then had to work out how to place our bets.  One of the staff very nicely showed us how to fill in our betting slips and then there was no stopping us!  imageBetting between 10HKD – 20HKD (£1-2. Last of the big spenders) we chose our horses for the next four races.  J won her first one 🙂


The winning ticket!

And I too managed a couple of 2nd and 3rds.


Celebrating with a 2nd place

In total I had a enough for my taxi back from Kennedy town, plus a bit over.  We took a wander down to look at the horses as they were marched around the ring.  From someone who isn’t “into” horses, even I could see what amazingly fit and beautiful animals they were.   The races would carry on well after 11pm, but I was needed to crash by this point.  We caught a tram back to Central and then parted ways.  But I think a visit there, one more time, before I leave….


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