I met up with a fellow nanny whilst I was briefly back in London, for coffee at Poilane.  She brought with her, her little 10 month old charge and we chatted and caught up as it had probably been over a year since we had last met up.


Our workplace

We had first met about 10 years ago, when we were both involved in a television production called Baby Borrowers on Holiday, in Newquay. The programme took 5 couples aged 16-19 years old, who were desperately in love and let them look after various aged children for 24/36 hours (if I remember rightly).  For the teens to do this they had to have the parents permission and they could be withdrawn at any moment; cameras were placed in the rooms; there were also camera men following their every move.

Some of the Dream Team

Some of the Dream Team

They had a manual to follow their routine and they had with them, at all times, childcare professionals (us).  There were 10 of us, 2 assigned to a couple, with us taking it in turns doing the 12 hour shift,  day or night.  I was a day nanny.  My friend was a night one, but was placed in our house.  It was an exhausting week, full of emotions with lots of fun too and I came away with some very good friends, a few I still keep in touch with.

The lovely thing about being back in London is that I’m able to catch up with nanny friends.  My breaks are always full with catching up with nannies which  I have met in Holland, Dubai and Newquay to name a few places, which is quite amazing. My friend and I chatted for an hour, then I had to get back and her little one needed a snooze.  As we were clearing away she said ” I really enjoyed reading your blog; whenever I saw that you had posted something I would immediately read it”.  I can’t tell you how chuffed that made me feel.  I would have these little wonderings every now and again, if anyone was actually reading about my adventures and when people mention it, well, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

And now I’m back in Cornwall.  Back to “normal” life.  Helping my partner with his two children (although, we are “childfree” for the first 3 weeks of the summer hols); visiting friends and family; exploring this wonderful county, that is quite beautiful when the sun shines.


The harbour in Charlestown

This is Poldark Country (Charlestown is minutes from our front door, which is where a lot of filming happened).  The land of tin mines, raw coastline and cosy coffee shops (I’m in one now).  My next job is not until early September, so I have a lovely length of time to take a breath and do a bit of healing.  I had wondered about whether or not I would carry on with my witterings.  After all, I’m no longer in HK and it’s now time for me to do a year of work in this country.  But, after a few chats with friends, all lovely and positive, I think I shall carry on.  There’s the possibilty that I might do more exploring of this wonderful county that I’m fortunate enough to live in.






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