After over 2 months of not working, it’s nearly time to go again and, whilst waiting for the call to tell me that my flight is booked, I have started the usual ritual of packing.

This time it’s a long one. A six month booking with between 4-5 months of it in Hong Kong.

It tends to take me about 2 weeks to pack (much to my partners frustration), but my
ever so efficient way of packing consists of throwing in everything I think I will need for
the duration and then, over the coming days, slowly whittling it down to the essentials.
There are many discussions on various Maternity Nurse forums of what our “essentials” are;
sometimes bringing it down to “List 3 things that you need on a booking” with such
necessary items as chocolate, baby scales, books, ipad…. so I thought I’d show what
I (nearly) always take with me on a booking.



  1. Thermometer for checking room and bath water temperature.
  2. Swaddle blanket;  usually the parents have these, so its more of a back-up.
  3. Various reference books, that are more often used to prop up head end of Moses baskets if I have a snuffly baby or reflux is detected.
  4. A writing pad to record everything that happens with the baby and also the mother; sleeps, feeds, bowel movements, weight, how mother is feeling, etc.

And then there’s my essentials that are for me only….

my essentials

  1. Ipad.  Need my Netflix, Iplayer and All4 fix.  When I’m working abroad I have an app that means I can watch British TV whilst away, which is such a godsend!
  2. Kindle for down-time, coffee-time, travel-time, need-to-stop time.
  3. Travel book on the country I’m off to, in this case Hong Kong.
  4. And passport.  Obviously.

Sports clothes come on to the list too.  I have managed to get in some form of sport in amazing places, courtesy of my job.


Snowboarding in Val D’Isere in my 3 hour break….


And surfing in Hawaii on my day off.

There seems to be a fair amount of activities to do in Hong Kong; dragon boat racing, climbing, martial-arts, scuba diving, to name a few.  Some of my lovely friends have put me in touch with various people over there so I’m hoping to at least get in some cycling and swimming.  The rest, we shall have to see.


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  1. Ellie Cain

    Great blog Nikki! Looking forward to following your travels and adventures xx

    1. nikki

      Thanks Ellie. Hong Kong is definitely an experience. X

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